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July-15 Chess Tactics Solutions #3

Alekhine-Reshevsky, Kemeri, 1937

Alekhine Alexander A (RUS) - Reshevsky Samuel H (USA) (2430)

Result: 1-0
Site: Kemeri (Latvia)
Date: 1937

[...] 1.e4 ¤f6 2.e5 ¤d5 3.¤f3 d6 4.d4 ¥g4 5.c4 ¤b6 6.¥e2!? dxe5 7.¤xe5 ¥xe2 8.£xe2 £xd4 9.O-O

Better is9.¤a3 ¤8d7 (9...e6 10.¤c2) 10.¤f3)
9...¤8d7 10.¤xd7 ¤xd7?

Better is10...£xd7 11.a4 (11.¦d1 £c6 12.b3 e6 13.¥b2 ¥d6!) 11...£c6 (11...¤xa4 12.£f3) 12.¤a3 e6 13.a5 ¤d7)
11.¤c3 c6 12.¥e3 £e5 13.¦ad1 e6 14.£f3! O-O-O! (14...¥e7 15.¦xd7! ¢xd7 16.£xf7 ¦ae8 17.¥d4!)  (14...¤f6 15.¤b5)  (14...¥d6 15.g3) 15.¥xa7 (15.£xf7?? ¥d6° With the idea Rf8) 15...£a5 16.¥d4 £f5 17.£g3 (17.£xf5!?) 17...e5 18.¥e3 ¥b4 19.¤a4 ¥a5 20.f4! ¥c7 21.b3 f6 22.fxe5 £e6 23.h3! ¦hg8 24.¥d4 ¤xe5 (24...fxe5!) 25.£c3! (25.¤c5?! £e7) 25...¤d7 26.c5! ¦ge8 27.b4! ¤b8 (27...£xa2!? 28.¤b6+ ¤xb6 29.cxb6 ¥b8 30.¦a1 £d5) 28.¤b6+ ¥xb6 29.cxb6 £xa2 30.£g3! ¦d7 (30...¦e7 31.¥xf6!ќ) 31.¥c5ќ (31.¥xf6! gxf6 32.¦xd7 ¢xd7 33.£c7+ ¢e6 34.¦e1+ќ) 31...£f7 32.¦a1 £g6 33.£h2! ¦e5 34.¦a8! ¦d2 (34...£e8 35.£g3ќ With the idea Qa3) 35.¦xb8+! ¢xb8 36.£xe5+! ...

(36...fxe5 37.¦f8+ £e8 38.¦xe8+ ¦d8 39.¦xd8# (0:00:01) 36.Qxe5+)


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