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Monday, May 28, 2012

Gelfand: Vishy is not just an excellent speed chess player – he’s an excellent player in all time controls!

At the press conference after Game 11, the challenger explained why he had spent almost 40 minutes pondering the opening. “What can I say? We were playing a rare system, and you hardly ever see 8...Bd7. I knew it was an important moment – White had to decide what to do next. I had many options... I came up with a basic plan and started to play a lot quicker. The first critical moment arose at the 16th move. I spent a lot of time on this move as well because I knew that White had quite a few options once again. I needed to get my pawn to a5 somehow and play Ne5. I started by moving the knight. Perhaps 17.a4 would have been a more accurate move.”

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Crucial Game 11 Live Today - 2012 Anand, Gelfand World Chess Championship (Betting odds Updated)

The crucial Game 11 is on today! Tune in to the live webcast from the 2012 Anand, Gelfand World Chess Championship via the official website at about India time 4.15 pm. Only two games in classical time control are left in the main match. If the score remains tied after Monday's game, a tiebreak would be played on Wednesday. There is a rest day on Sunday tomorrow.

 Game 10 underway on Thursday. Photos: Official Website.

Vladimir Potkin, Vladimir Below, 
and Anatoly Karpov gave a simul to talented children

Expectations from Game 11 at World Chess Championship 2012
  • Israel's Boris Gelfand, the challenger would use his White to the best advantage. The risk is great. Gelfand has been on the offensive and he would like to decide matters for once and all.
  • India's Vishy Anand has regained his rhythm. He has immense patience which he displayed in Game 9 by building an unbreakable fortress and letting Gelfand hammer at iron falls with no use.
  • Most people think it is to Vishy's advantage if the match goes into tiebreak. However, Gelfand has come this far by getting through a series of tiebreaks against some of the current top players in the world. We think, the tiebreak could be an advantage for Boris Gelfand. Though, a tiebreak in a match like this is almost a lottery.
  • A win by either player today could decide the match. 
  • Betting odds: Bookies predict 79% chances of draw in Gelfand-Anand Game 11, 11% chances of a Gelfand win with White and 10% chances of an Anand win with Black. European betting information odds improved for Gelfand to 85%. Another update - Bookie odds were revised to a 50% for draw in the tenth game at Game 10 Move 22. ...Be8



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