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Greatest Secret of Bobby Fischer

In 1992, undefeated World Chess Champion Robert James Fischer returned after 20 years of self-isolation to the public arena for a momentous chess event. The prize money was five million dollars and the total financial flows were about 50 million dollars. Nenad Nesh Stankovic, who functioned as Fischer's personal secretary, had the chance to spend more than 18 months in close and demanding personal and business contact with “the genius from Brooklyn”. That is how the book “The Greatest Secret of Bobby Fischer – Final Truth about the Greatest Chess Player of All Times” was written and which was published last year in the Serbian and Montenegrin language. 

Book promotion Podgorica: from left to right - Mr. Aleksandar Mihailovic - creator of Bobby Fischer's chess clock
GM Bozidar Ivanovic
Mr. Janos Kubat - chess journalist and chess manager
Mr. Nenad Nesh Stankovic

This November-end, the book will be translated into English, Russian and Chinese. That ways the intimate confessions of Bobby Fischer will be available for all time to those who find eternal inspiration in the ultimate creator of chess brilliance. The mysteries which lead Bobby during all his life toward misunderstanding, rejection, hatred and contempt will be solved as well. 

Book promotion Belgrade: GM Svetozar Gligoric (RIP), 
Mr. Janos Kubat
Mr. Nenad Nesh Stankovic and friends

There is to be the organisation of the media-historic event "Montenegro Chess Week - Bobby Fischer - Return to Eternity" which is also planned for the end of November 2012. It is being planned as an event which would be a great homage to the famous American Grandmaster and to celebrate his excellence.

The background to the Rematch of the Century
Fischer won the match, 10 wins to 5 losses, with 15 draws. Fischer and Spassky gave a total of ten press conferences during the match. Yasser Seirawan wrote, "After September 23 [1992], I threw most of what I'd ever read about Bobby out of my head. Sheer garbage. Bobby is the most misunderstood, misquoted celebrity walking the face of the earth." The U.S. Department of the Treasury had warned Fischer beforehand that his participation was illegal, as it violated President George H. W. Bush's Executive Order 12810 that implemented United Nations Security Council Resolution 757 sanctions against engaging in economic activities in Yugoslavia. In response, Fischer called a conference and, in front of the international press, literally spat on the U.S. order forbidding him to play, announcing "This is my reply." Following the match, the Department obtained an arrest warrant against him. Fischer remained wanted by the United States government for the rest of his life and never returned to the U.S.

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