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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Magnus Carlsen Video Chat on World Chess Candidates 2014

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen just posted on his Facebook Page:
You've asked, I've answered. Here are my thoughts thus far on the FIDE World Candidates Tournament. I sat down with my Manager, Espen Agdestein to discuss. Check it out on the link below:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I have Hunger to Play Good Chess: Anand

Former World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand on his preparation for the Candidates 2014 in an interview to Ashok Venugopal for Sunday Standard - The New Indian Express
How are you preparing for the Candidates tournament? A lot of strong players will be in action. Who do you think is a tough opponent?
The Candidates will be a tough event — strong players and a grueling format. I think there is no one particular favourite. It depends on who is in top form. I have been preparing for the event since January.

Have you made any change in the style of preparation?

Again, can’t say much.

Have you changed your seconds from the World Championship?

I can’t really talk about it right now.

Have you overcome the World Chess Championship defeat?

That is over. I don’t think about it anymore. It seems like it happened ages ago. As a sportsperson you have to learn to let go and move on.

In the London Chess Classic you began to win again, but managed to reach only till quarterfinals. When you won the first match (after the World Championship loss) in the tournament did you get over a psychological barrier? How do you rate your performance?

At this level of the game, there are no barriers. You have good games and bad ones. I would say moderately happy. I was very proud of my games in the qualifying. I could feel myself like a six-year-old again, just playing very fast and confidently. That is the way I would really love to play.

At Zurich, in perhaps the strongest field in the history of the game, you came fifth overall. How do you rate this performance? You are known for your rapid skills, but lost three games?

Well, I am going through a phase of changing my game. So there will be some hits on the way before you reach your optimum form. So, Zurich was a good learning experience.

Is there a mental block when playing Carlsen? You are yet to beat him in the classical format in the last two years or so.

This is something I hope to correct. It is his (Carlsen) style, which is very different to what many players have grown up with.

How do you recollect the match against Carlsen at Zurich Chess 2014?

It was a normal game. You can’t base each encounter on the match. That is over. You have to just look forward and play a normal game.

How eager are you to go through the grind, win the Candidates and take on Carlsen again in the World Championship in November?

I am looking to do well in Khanty right now. If that leads to a match in November I would definitely try and do things differently.

Despite having nothing left to prove do you still have the hunger to be the world champion?

I would say I have hunger to play good chess.

What motivates you now to give your best? Is it pride, reputation or just simple love for the game?

I would just say that I love the game. If something gives you a lot of pain, it also gives you a lot of enjoyment. That is why you love it and is passionate about excelling in it.

How do you handle pressure, not just expectations of fans from the country, but also that from the Western media, players and officials who cannot digest an Indian ruling the world of chess?

You do have some amount of pressure being the outsider. But I have always tried to keep a small circle of friends and just enjoy the chess. I don’t really read much chess news. But there are also many people who show their support especially since you had to work doubly harder to reach the top.

Does the attitude (running down Anand) of some former Russian greats like Garry Kasparov motivate you to prove them wrong?

I don’t waste my time on petty chess politics. Chess was clearly Kasparov’s strongest point.

-- Team Chess Magazine Black and White would not have asked the last two questions in there. Ah well. More on that later ;)

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Meet World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen in conversation with Peter Thiel

Open Forum: Meet the “Mozart of Chess”: World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, in conversation with Peter Thiel

Yes, it's going to be the World Chess Champion visiting Silicon Valley!


Event Date:
Thursday, January 16, 2014

Magnus Carlsen, World Chess Champion

Peter Thiel, Technology entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist; President, Clarium Capital

Magnus Carlsen took the world by storm as a child prodigy, becoming an international Grand Master at 13. At 19, he was the youngest chess player to be ranked number one in the world, and at 22, in November 2013, he defeated five-time former world champion Viswanathan Anand. Now, at age 23, Magnus holds a record rating of 2872.

Don’t miss this chance of a lifetime to meet and be inspired by Magnus. He will be interviewed by entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel, former US-rated Chess Master with a lifelong passion for chess. Topics covered will include Magnus’ views on the game, his experience winning the championship, and the role he believes chess can play in advancing young people’s critical thinking, social skills, and ability to achieve academically.

Prior to the onstage program, Magnus will play—blindfolded—in a six-board simultaneous chess demonstration. Participate in a drawing benefiting First Move, a dynamic non-profit organization that brings chess to second and third graders across the country—and possibly become one of the six brave players if you dare!

ATTENTION CORPORATE MEMBERS!Corporate passes will be accepted for this event. We ask that if you register using corporate passes, please do so 72 business hours in advance. We thank you for your cooperation!

- Registration: 5:00 PM
- Buffet: 6:15 PM 
- Program: 7:15 PM

Sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank (Gold Sponsor), Innovation Norway (Silver Sponsor)

Computer History Museum, Mountain View
1401 N. Shoreline Blvd
Mountain View, CA 94043
Number of Individual Tickets to Purchase
(On Site tickets are $60.00 / $75.00)
$40.00 / $55.00
*Membership price discounts will be applied based upon membership status of registrants.
For purchasing tickets and more details visit the website of Churchill Club.

* The Churchill Club
Igniting Conversations to Encourage Innovation and Economic GrowthThis is our focus: to cultivate a one-stop-shop of world-class people—people like yourself—that ignites the kinds of conversations that lead to new ideas, enlivened dreams and personal motivation. A tall order, for sure, but one we’ve been successful at for 25 years.

Over the past two-and-a-half decades, the Churchill Club has hosted industry and government leaders and luminaries such as Marc Andreessen, Steve Ballmer, Craig Barrett, Ursula Burns, John Chambers, Jim Clark, Bill Clinton, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, Andy Grove, William Hewlett, Arianna Huffington, Bill Joy, Dean Kamen, John McCain, Scott McNealy, Lew Platt, Eric Schmidt, and many more.

It’s an impressive list, but it would be no more than a roster if we weren’t committed to the idea of an independent forum that facilitates the open and timely exchange of ideas, opinions and viewpoints among business leaders and innovators. At the Churchill Club, collaborators and competitors meet on stage to share and discuss their newest thinking. They commit to have unscripted conversations that go beyond the hype. Attendees have the opportunity to ask questions directly of speakers, uncensored by the moderator.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

World Chess Champion Carlsen Simul in LA: You Can be Lucky to Play

The chance of a lifetime: World Chess Champion and World`s Number 1 chess player, Magnus Carlsen, will hold a simultaneous exhibition hosted by Nordic Semiconductor during the CES 2014, where Carlsen plays multiple games at a time with 20 other players.

A Nordic Semiconductor press release states, "We invite you to participate in this competition where you have the chance in your lifetime to be one of the lucky twenty that will play one of the most brilliant brains living today. Along with the honor of playing the number 1 chess player in the world, you will be rewarded with a signed chess board among other prizes."

The skills required are not higher than just another hobby player. To participate answer a few simple questions and solve an easy chess puzzle. The lucky winners will be noticed well in advance. Closing date for entry is December 19, 2013, 12:00:00 PST.

The Chess Tournament will take place:Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall Connector, Room S228Thursday January 9, 3-6PM

Enter the chess simul entry contest at the Nordic Semi website.

* Carlsen's sponsors Nordic Semiconductor (Link from our Anand - Carlsen World Chess Championship 2013 coverage website) 

Friday, August 17, 2012


From the official Garry Kasparov Facebook Page
: Garry Kasparov has just been arrested outside the Moscow courthouse where the Pussy Riot trial is taking place. He was not there to protest, simply to attend, and the police cornered him and dragged him into the police van. This photo shows the police assaulting him inside the van. We hope he is all right and we will provide updates when we have them. (Photo by Olaf Koens).

FB Update (An hour ago): We just spoke to Garry on the phone. He is at the police station. He was beaten but says he is okay. He isn't sure what will happen next. It seems the police are waiting for orders from above. He says he was standing calmly speaking with journalists when police pushed through and grabbed him. Also Read:

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Play Chess With World Champion Vishy Anand in Simul via

World Champion Viswanathan Anand will play a match against the World via's "Vote Chess" platform on August 13, 2012 at 10:30 AM PST. LLC and Metropolitan Chess, Inc have partnered up to make this amazing event possible, according to a press release.

Anand will be the head instructor at the Metro Chess Invitational Chess Camp from August 9th through 13th in Los Angeles. He will conclude his activities by playing a Simultaneous Exhibition the morning of August 13th against a small group of lucky individuals. One of the boards in the Simul will belong to the Community as they vote in their suggested move for a relayer to play on the actual board for Anand as he moves from board to board during the Simul.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kosteniuk’s Chess Video vs Wang Hao Viral on YouTube

In less than 24 hours of being posted, a chess video of 12th World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk against China's No. 1 player Wang Hao has gone viral on the Internet. The video shows the confident looking Chinese #1 Super Grandmaster Wang Hao blundering against an opponent ranked close to 300 elo points below him, and the brutal shock he gets with the checkmating of his king. The moves are in extreme slow-motion, and you can imagine the thought process that went into the Chinese GM’s mind when he was holding on to his knight on f5. Don't forget to click “Thumbs Up” or “Like” if you appreciate the video and would like more chess videos by Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk. Some more “classic” chess videos you must watch: Anand, Aronian, Carlsen, Judit Polgar.

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk has also just been featured in the special Vogue issue of the USA. 

The special feature in fashion magazine VOGUE, USA Edition, in the August 2012 issue, which hits newsstands on July 24, 2012. It is called the “Vogue Age Issue“, and it puts six very different women, ages 28 to 89, in the spotlight. One of them is Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk. She has been featured to show why chess is a cool game and how she promotes chess around the world!  From the chess champion to the recent widow to the last surviving child of Winston Churchill, each one of the featured women has a fascinating story to tell. For a complete profile of the beautiful and intelligent 12 world chess champion Alexandra Kosteniuk, check her personal blog site

Kosteniuk is credited for being the most Internet-active and Internet-savvy chess Grandmaster who has singlehandedly done much to promote chess and give the sport a makeover with her twitter accounts, chess blogs and sites. She has brought a wave of glamour and style to women's chess unthought of before. Kosteniuk is also the most Facebook-active former world chess champion taking out several hours on a daily basis to reply to fans' letters, emails and messages. Her YouTube channels have thousands of videos on chess training, chess puzzles, chess events, etc. for chess lovers and learners to improve chess - all for free!

You might also like to read why Kosteniuk was once 'held' at a US airport security check!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Anand's Huge Support to Blind Chess

Chennai: World chess champion Viswanathan Anand has asked the All India Chess Federation to extend the official status for `Blind Chess` at district, state and national levels. The five-time world champion said: "The fact is that the normal as well as the blind players faced the same kind of situations while playing and trying to improve. It was good to see that chess for the blind was being encouraged but it was high time it is included as one of the categories of regular competitions."

Thursday, June 28, 2012

World Chess Champion Vishy Anand's Lecture Video in Madrid for Accenture plc

World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand recently presented a lecture at Accenture plc - the world's largest multinational management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. The 12the conference of the company was titled Return on Analytics. It was held  in Madrid. Anand spoke about 'Analysis to anticipate the future and make the best decisions' with ideas about pattern recognition, decision making, the role of computers and the strategies used in World Championship matches. The lecture was recorded in high quality and posted on YouTube. It is in English and about 45 minutes long. Hear the first part of the lecture to know why the World Chess Champion couldn't remember the date of his marriage anniversary!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kings Chess Postponement: World Chess Champ Vishy Anand Disappointed

World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand has said he is disappointed about the postponement of the first major chess tournament he was to play after retaining his World Chess Title last month in Moscow. The Kings Chess tournament to be held in Medias, Romania, from June 23-July 4 has been postponed. 

World Chess Champ Endorses Realty Brand
Anand was speaking in Chennai at a special function where he was made the brand ambassador of TVH, one of the major players in realty market in Southern India. Talking about his association with TVH as its brand ambassador, Anand said, "I have been a TVH customer for seven years. That was a positive experience. And a month or two ago they approached me and I was happy to accept their offer. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

WCCh 2012 - What Fischer Would have Said!

World Chess Championship Live at Official Website.
Searching for Bobby Fischer - Indeed we are. What would have Bobby Fischer said about the ongoing World Chess Championship 2012 between chess stalwarts Vishy Anand and Boris Gelfand? This is just for fun. We agree with some comments, we don't with others...but, we love the 11th World Chess Champion -- and always will -- just like everyone else.) Read on to check all the five possible Fischer 'quotes'!
  1. Why is Moscow the venue, why is it not Reykjavik? 
  2. Computer training of modern grandmasters is still 15 years behind my strength.
  3. By test it is best (on 1.e4)... why are they playing all this? But then I think it's almost definite that the game is a draw theoretically. 
  4. No online broadcasts, no press conferences, no photographs, no journalists, no Houdini or any chess engines, no audience... Maybe, Anand and Gelfand have fixed it between them. 
  5. Yes, I will be there for the next FischerRandom World Chess Title Match


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