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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fischer-Spassky 1972 World Chess Championship Chess Board, Table, Pieces to be Auctioned this Thursday in Copenhagen

The Drawing of Lots Ceremony in
Laugardalshöll Arena in 1972:

GM Harry Golombek (UK) to the left introducing the contestants. Fischer has arrived at long last, standing next to Golombek. In the middle stands Gudmundur G. Thorarinsson, chairman of the Organizing Committee, and Spassky can be seen beside him. On the stage behind the contestants are GM Efim Geller (USSR), GM Bill Lombardy (USA) and GM Nikolai Krogius (USSR). The two arbiters Lother Schmid (Germany) and G. Arnlaugsson (Iceland) were also present on the stage, but cannot be seen in the photo.
Bruun Rasmussen, Copenhagen, would auction Bobby Fischer chess memorabilia on June 14, Thursday, in Copenhagen. The auction is being held on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the greatest chess match in history - the 1972 Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer World Championship. 

Bruun Rasmussen are auctioning chess board, chess table, and other memorabilia from the match. The documentary 'Bobby Fischer against the world' would also be screened before the auction. The chess memorabilia will be the first lot when the auction begins at 5 pm. 

The greatest chess match in history took place in the summer of 1972, when the reigning Russian World Champion Boris Spassky (1937-) was challenged by the American Bobby Fischer (1943-2008). The venue was Arena Laugardalshöll in Reykjavik, Iceland, midway between Moscow and Washington, at the peak of the Cold War. Thus the match became a symbol of the political confrontation between the two superpowers. Bobby Fischer won the dramatic, hyper-exposed showdown in Reykjavik, making him the first American to win this prestigious title after W. Steinitz in 1886 (The 1st World Chess Champion).
The chess lot up for auction

Chessboard: The wooden chess board was chosen by the representatives of both the players and accepted by them after the initial stone chess board was replaced. Six games had been played. The wooden chess board was used for the 7th to 21st game. Spassky and Fischer signed the board after the game. 
Chess table: Designed by Icelandic furniture designer Gunnar Magnússon and produced by cabinetmaker Ragnar Haraldsson. Two extra and identical tables were made after the famous chess match. The chess table up for auction is one of the two, and has been used at the World Championships candidate match between Boris Spassky and Vlastimil Hort in Reykjavik in 1977.

Chess pieces: Original contemporary set of Staunton pieces, a reserve set from the 1972 Match.

Chess clock: Original Garde chess clock. Same brand as used in the match.
The chess memorabilia will be sold on Bruun Rasmussen’s international auction 830 at Bredgade 33 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Thursday 14 June from 5 pm.

Bidding: The chessboard will be offered at a traditional auction, where you can either choose to show up in the auction room, submit your bids before the auction on our website, sign up for telephone bidding or submit commission bids to our customer service.

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