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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why Anand, Gelfand 2012 World Chess Championship Will be Fun: Top 6 Reasons!

(Two days to go. Watch live at official website.)

It might be that the Viswanathan Anand-Boris Gelfand 2012 World Chess Championship is not for the strongest player in the chess world. It might be that the World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen is not in the match and a lot of chess fans want to see him there soon. All the same, here are the reasons that make the Vishy-Gelfand chess match as important and exciting in history as any ever held before:

  • You need not be in your teens to make it to the top. Both Anand and Gelfand are in their 40s. Age is nothing - or at least - nothing much in chess. You could go on improving. That's so inspiring for everyone out there who loves chess.
  • We would have two 'nice' gentlemen vying for the top chess title. No allegations, no grim comments, no refusals to shake hands would be in the offing. They are unlikely to have negative vibes going in the playing hall either. Tell the world, you could be cool and fun to be a chess grandmaster and champion. Mr Nice vs Mr Geniality - It would be to the delight of fans to watch their games and later, listen to their comments in the press conference. An awesome month of chess coming up for sure. 
  • Both Anand and Gelfand became proud dads nearly at the same time. So, both go home to at least one person who would be convinced 'Dad you are the best'. In any case both are sure to win more fans throughout the world during the match.
  • Anand is cool as cucumber, Gelfand takes nervous expression of all anguish to the top of Mount Everest. We should expect nothing of the old or similar in their chess playing style as well. Chess theory would be rewritten? Your guess is as good as ours.  
  • Chess in the art gallery - we all love that. Non-chess fans are sure to connect. 
  • There is bound to be absolutely super online broadcast of the event. Oh we know that. After all, it's Moscow.
B&W wishes both the great chess players
a fantastic event.



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