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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Israel's Boris Gelfand could win Game 9 - Watch Live Today (Поэтому Борис Гельфанд мог выиграть сегодня)

All polls say India's Vishy Anand is the favourite to win the 2012 World Chess Championship against Israel's Boris Gelfand. BUT - the question is - could challenger Boris Gelfand hold his own and really make a big upset against all odds? Here are five reasons why this could be a possibility in today's Game 9 at the Anand, Gelfand 2012 World Chess Championship expected to be an exciting one:

1-Boris Gelfand plays White in Game 9 and he has that statistical/theoretical/rhetorical advantage
2-Viswanathan Anand is Gelfand-beatable (We saw that in Game 8!)
3-Gelfand's fear of a loss is gone!!! He knows the whiff of victory. Not as impossible as everyone said.
4-Gelfand's wife Maya has sent a message of 'He can!'
5-Gelfand's victory over Anand in Game 8 was more to do with his hold over the game as compared to Anand's victory in Game 9 that was more to do with Gelfand's blunder.

B&W wishes both the players and all chess players a great Anand, Gelfand Game 9 at the 2012 World Chess Championship 2012 today available live at the official website.



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