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Monday, May 28, 2012

Game 12 Live Today 2012 Anand, Gelfand World Chess Championship 4.15 pm India Time

Day 19 of the World Chess Championship 2012 between India's Viswanathan Anand and Israel's Boris Gelfand is here with chess Game 12 - the final one - to be played today. If the world chess champion is still not decided today and the game ends in a draw, the tiebreak would be played on Wednesday. You can watch Game 12 Live on the official website from India time 4.15 pm onwards. In the commentary box would be 14th world chess champion (2000) Vladimir Kramnik of Russia and New in Chess editor Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam.

As you know, the world chess championship 2012 is being held in a most beautiful venue - the Tretyakov Gallery.

Cultural Figures about the Match

 On the eve of the World Championship match, the magazine 64 Chess Review had surveyed cultural figures who love chess. The survey participants shared their predictions for the match, talked about the connection between chess and culture, and described the place the game holds in their lives.

Arturo Pérez-Reverte, writer


The match for the title of world champion is a culmination, perhaps even more emotional than I can imagine. I speak from the perspective of a novelist who loves chess, and who is currently writing a novel about chess––or more precisely, about the duel of chess players. Facilitating the battle of two minds, two types of understanding of the world only through the limited space of a chessboard is one of the most enriching experiences you can imagine. It’s all here: loneliness, hubris, courage, pride, cunning, crime, revenge, mistake, life, death… I’ve always said that there is no better reflection of the great engines of real life than chess pieces.

The combination of chess and art seems to me perfectly natural. I am one of those who believe that despite being a sport, chess moves in the most complex spaces of art. Including the art of murder. I have never seen murder committed with the artistic complexity of what I see on the chessboard.

I’m a mediocre chess player, but I passionately love the magic of the game, the pieces, plays, and theory. Rarely do I feel as happy as in those moments before the match, which seem beautiful to me: it doesn’t matter whether I’m playing or just observing. I sometimes used to say that there are people who seek solace in God or in sex, but I find it in chess. I go to play chess as others go to Mass.

Nikolai Lugansky, pianist


I hope that the match will be interesting and accomplished. I think that the players’ chances are 50/50. Anand’s results are, of course, higher. But as a human being, no matter how he prepares, it seems to me that it’d be difficult for him to work the way Gelfand does. It is clear that for Boris this is a major event in his career. As a fan, I am very interested in what Anand will choose: 1.e4 or 1.d4. I think that both professional chess players and fans can expect many interesting things.

I think that this is a wonderful idea, holding the match in the Tretyakov Gallery. I am acquainted with Gelfand, who made a brilliant impression on me; he is an incredibly nice man. I don’t personally know Vishy, but everything I have heard and read about him indicates that he is also a very decent man. It’s remarkable that in the Tretyakov Gallery there will be a game between two gentlemen who have never allowed themselves to do anything indecent for the sake of a victory. They are perfectly suited to the museum and both of them are proof that chess is a part of culture, not a sport of destruction. As a person, this is very pleasurable for me.

Chess occupies a decent place in my life. There were really “drunken” periods at the Central School of Music, in years 6–8, when I read a lot of books, watched matches, studied chess openings. Now, of course, I do it less, but this reality is all still terribly interesting to me. If I watch a match, I’m trying to see and understand the exact chess plot, not a story about how Player A put the squeeze on Player B. Although I understand and feel the difference between chess and art––in chess there is always a victory or defeat, but in poetry or music you shouldn’t be able to distinguish one from the other. That’s why as a fan I am glad to see anything that brings chess closer to art.

Vladimir Dashkevich, composer


The Anand-Gelfand match is a competition between two very experienced chess players who have been through it all, for whom there are no mysteries in match or tournament fights. In particular, of course, I want to note Anand’s outstanding talent. Gelfand hasn’t shown fantastic results recently but he is a unique person (probably right after Korchnoi) in his ability to concentrate at the right moment. This could give additional impetus to the match and lead to unexpected results. In any case, Anand will not be able to relax. The upcoming match will certainly be a spectacle for experts. I’ve seen many World Championship matches, but here the off-screen battle may exceed what we see at the chessboard. The level of preparation will be important this time, and perhaps even crucial.

The match being held at the Tretyakov Gallery is itself a work of art. Even just approaching the Tretyakov Gallery, you feel a certain awe. And then there comes the opportunity to experience the forgotten feeling with which we went to the matches of our chess giants, and which was common to everyone involved in chess, interested in it. It was the thrill of a huge number of people. In itself, the proximity to the world of art is a very special and, in my view, innovative event. This may be the main interest of the match: how chess will look next to the genius creations of human culture. The fact that Andrey Filatov was a pioneer of this kind of event is certainly to his credit.There is some kind of magical appeal in the fact that the match will take place among works of art. It will have a psychological impact even on the players. They, like all of us, are also subject to magic. When you play in this room, worldly tinsel is of secondary importance. I would like to see this match become a symbol of the return of chess to the world of pure art. This is exactly what attracts me. Just coming to the Tretyakov is a cultural event for a person, and when it is also combined with an exquisite serving of chess… I’m planning – I don’t know with what degree of regularity – to come to the key matches.

Chess plays quite a significant role in my life. After intensive creative work, you simply relax with chess. I love chess books and the magazine 64 Chess Review, especially the composition section. Before bed I always try to solve a composition, nothing too complicated. This is very helpful: if you rise to the task, then you’re guaranteed a good mood, and if you don’t succeed then you quickly fall asleep.

Leonid Zorin, playwright


I don’t want to make a prediction, but I will absolutely follow the match. I hope it will enrich the art of chess. Especially because it will be a meeting between completely different styles of players.

The idea of holding the world championship match in the Tretyakov Gallery sounds very beautiful. In any case, it raises the status of chess.

Chess plays the most beautiful role in my life. It is a joy and an aesthetic delight, and a refuge. When things aren’t good in your heart, chess helps distract from whatever is happening.


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