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Monday, May 21, 2012

World Chess Championship 2012 Anand, Gelfand 2012 Game 8 - Come on Lightning Kid Strike Back!

Heartbreak Loss for Indian Chess Fans - Why We Cannot See Vishy Anand Lose 
The Indian subcontinent is a cricket-crazy region. Compared to cricket fans, chess might just be followed by only 1% of the total number of fans of both sports. Yet, we never seem to recover from an Anand loss as we recover from a cricket loss. Reasons? We thought about it... 
- Viswanathan Anand is not just a world champion but a personification of hope in India. He signifies an intellectual self-confidence for fans and, like Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar, he is unassuming. He makes that ordinary player on the street feel as if anything is possible at the highest level. If Anand could do it, possibly every one of us can.
- He has inspired not just one but at least two generations of chess players and continues to do so.
- His calm and quiet demeanour makes you feel vindicated in a flashy world. You could be down to earth and still become the best. - Like Israel's Boris Gelfand - the challenger himself said the other day - it's not your rating or the number of facebook friends you have that matters!
- The hard work that goes into Viswanathan Anand's deep preparation and understanding of the chessboard is inspiring.
- We are a god-worshipping country. We have a pantheon of gods for every aspect of life! (Including chess). We cannot see our gods with cracked feet. It's not part of our psyche.

Taking nothing away from challenger Israel's Boris Gelfand who holds forth as one of the best in the chess world in his own right, we cannot but say, 'Come on Lightning Kid, Strike Back!'

Anand plays White in Game 8. In the remaining five games, Anand has three Whites and Two Blacks. Stay tuned for the live broadcast of Game 8 in the Anand, Gelfand 2012 World Chess Championship in Moscow via the official website in less than half an hour!


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