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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Candidates Chess Matches 2011 - The Grischuk Game That Brought Gelfand to Moscow

What brought Israel's Boris Gelfand to the World Chess Championship 2012 in Moscow? Israeli Boris Gelfand won the last - sixth game - in the FIDE Candidates Matches 2011 final in Kazan against Russian Alexander Grischuk to become the challenger for the World Champion Viswanathan Anand from India and is therefore, now playing in Moscow.
In the press conference immediately after the sixth game Gelfand had said he was lucky when Grischuk chose a variation in Gruenfeld which was very familiar to him. With novelty in move 13 white really surprised Russian GM and after move 16 the clocks depicted a very unusual picture: black had spent exactly one hour more than white: Gelfand – 9 minutes, Grischuk – 1 hour and 9 minutes. It was a great game for the Israeli Grandmaster Boris Gelfand as it was the biggest success of his chess career. 

Tomorrow - Monday, May 28, is Game 12 of the Anand, Gelfand World Chess Championship 2012 in the classical control. You can watch Game 12 Live from India time 4.15 onwards at the official website of the world chess championship. 

You can replay the Grischuk-Gelfand chess game 6 from the Kazan Candidates Matches 2011 in our Chess King applet.

Gelfand Boris (ISR) (2746) - Grischuk Alexander (RUS) (2757)

Result: 1-0
Site: Kazan (Russia)
Date: 2011.05.25

[...] 1.d4 ¤f6 2.c4 g6 3.¤f3 ¥g7 4.g3 d5 5.cxd5 ¤xd5 6.¥g2 ¤b6 7.¤c3 ¤c6 8.e3 O-O 9.O-O ¦e8 10.¦e1 a5 11.£e2 ¥g4 12.h3 ¥e6 13.b3

(13.¦d1 ¥c4 14.£c2 ¤b4 15.£b1 £c8 16.a3 ¤4d5 17.¤d2 ¤xc3 18.bxc3 ¥d5 19.e4 ¥c6 20.£d3 ¥a4 21.¦e1 c5 22.¤f3 cxd4 23.cxd4 ¥c2 24.£b5 ¤c4 25.¥f4 ¦a6 26.¥f1 ¦c6 27.¦ac1 ¤d6 28.£xa5 ¥xe4 29.¤e5 ¦xc1 30.¦xc1 £f5 31.¦c5 £e6 32.f3 ¥d5 33.£b4 ¤f5 34.¢f2 ¥xe5 35.dxe5 ¦d8 36.g4 ¤g7 37.¦c7 ¦e8 38.¥b5 ¥c6 39.¥c4 ¥d5 40.¥b5 ¥c6 41.¥e2 g5 42.¥c4 £g6 43.¥d2 ¤e6 44.¦xe7 ¦d8 45.¥e3 £c2+ 46.¥e2 h6 47.h4 gxh4 48.¦xe6 fxe6 49.£e7 ¦e8 50.£xh4 ¦f8 51.£xh6 ¦xf3+ 52.¢e1 £c3+ 53.¥d2 £a1+ 54.¥c1 £c3+ 55.¥d2 £a1+ 56.¥c1 ¦f7 57.£g5+ ¢f8 58.£h6+ ¢e7 59.£e3 ¢d7 60.g5 ¦f5 61.g6 ¦xe5 62.£d2+ ¦d5 63.£b2 £xb2 64.¥xb2 ¦g5 65.g7 ¢e7 66.¥d3 ¥d5 67.¢f2 e5 0-1, Leitao Rafael (BRA) 2629 - Wang Yue (CHN) 2716, Khanty Mansyisk (Russia) 2010.09.22)

(13.¤d2 ¤b4 14.¦d1 £c8 15.a3 ¤4d5 16.¢h2 c5 17.¤xd5 ¥xd5 18.e4 ¥c6 19.dxc5 ¤d7 20.¤c4 ¥b5 21.a4 ¥a6 22.£c2 £xc5 23.¦xd7 ¦ac8 24.¥f1 ¥xc4 25.¥xc4 £xc4 26.£xc4 ¦xc4 27.¦xb7 ¦xe4 28.¥e3 ¥d4 29.¥xd4 ¦xd4 30.b3 ¦d2 31.¢g2 ¦c8 32.¦xe7 ¦cc2 33.¦f1 ¦d3 34.¦b7 ¦b2 35.¦c1 ¦dd2 36.¦f1 ¦d3 37.¦e1 ¦dd2 38.¢f3 ¦xf2+ 39.¢e4 ¦f6 40.¦e3 ¦d2 41.¦b5 ¦a6 42.¦d5 ¦e6+ 43.¦e5 ¦a6 44.¦d3 ¦c2 45.¢d4 ¦c7 46.¦c5 ¦d6+ 47.¦d5 ¦a6 48.¦c3 ¦b7 49.¦c8+ ¢g7 50.¦b5 ¦d7+ 51.¢c4 ¦d1 52.¦bb8 ¦e6 53.¦d8 ¦e4+ 54.¢c5 ¦xd8 55.¦xd8 ¦b4 1/2-1/2, Pantsulaia Levan (GEO) 2610 - Harika Dronavalli (IND) 2520, Cappelle la Grande (France) 2011.03.03)
13...a4 14.¦b1 axb3 15.axb3 £c8 16.¢h2 ¦a5 17.¦d1 ¦h5 18.¤h4 ¥f6 19.f4 ¦d8 20.£f2 ¥xh4?! (20...¤d5!? 21.¤xd5 ¦dxd5 22.¥xd5 ¥xd5 With compensation for the material) 21.gxh4 ¤d5 22.¤xd5 ¦hxd5 23.¥b2 ¦b5 (23...f5!? 24.h5! With initiative) 24.£e2 ¦h5 25.e4 ¥xb3 26.¦dc1 ¤a5 27.d5 b6 (27...¥a2 28.¦a1 ¤b3 29.¦xa2 ¤xc1 30.¥xc1 c6 31.£e1±) 28.¥e5 c5 29.dxc6 f6 30.¥a1

(30.c7! ¦d7 31.¦xb3 ¤xb3 32.£c4+ ¢g7 33.£xb3 fxe5 34.£xb6 exf4 35.£b8ќ)
30...¦c5 31.¦xc5 bxc5 32.£b5 £c7

(32...¥a2!? 33.¦b2 £c7 34.e5! ¥e6 35.£b6 £xb6 36.¦xb6 ¦c8±)
33.¦xb3 ¤xc6 34.e5 ¤d4 35.£c4+



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