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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dream Chess Lineup for Any World Championship Format

Saturday May 19 is rest day at the Anand Gelfand 2012 world chess championship being played in Moscow. Here is a fun post for the rest day. Maybe, if there were a chess tournament to decide the strongest chess player in the world, we could invite a dream line-up. No statistics whether this is a recommended format or something. This is just a fun idea. Of course, we are leaving out Viswanathan Anand and Boris Gelfand because they are already playing. You might imagine the chess we would witness as fans if such a tournament were to take place!

Dream Chess Lineup for Any World Championship Tournament

Bobby Fischer - Because he is Fischer
Gary Kasparov - Because he is so high up on the chess pedestal that everyone else can only look up
Mikhail Tal - For bringing a hi-tech felicity to chess when there were no computers
Tigran Petrosian - For how to use the King as a piece in defense

Magnus Carlsen - For being cool, lazy (by self admission), and still being No. 1 chess player in the world
Efim Geller - Well! If Fischer is there, we need Geller

Alexander Alekhine - For his scientific approach to chess
Mir Sultan Khan - The torchbearer of Indian chess and a talented chess player as ever can be
Anatoly Karpov - An artist whose method was it all

Judit Polgar - A lady who needs no reason for any chess season, for flying to a chess stratosphere no woman on the planet has yet touched 
Alexandra Kosteniuk - Blaze of glory attacking play, no draws, all fights to the last sigh; Real chess queen as blogger, movie star, writer, world champion in both classical and chess960.

(P.S. Before you protest yes, not everyone could be included!)



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