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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Anand, Gelfand World Chess Match: Can You Guess Whom Do Chess Legends Mark Dvoretsky and Anatoly Bykhovsky Support?

In the press centre of the Anand, Gelfand World Chess Championship Match 2012, Mark Dvoretsky and Anatoly Bykhovsky shared their views on FischerRandom Chess with Evgeny Potemkin of ChessNews and also said who they support in the Anand, Gelfand World Chess Championship Match 2012 in Moscow. 
Can you guess who they support as the next world chess champion? 
This chess video is in Russian, but we have a translation by Maria Khondoga for our English audience here at Chess Magazine Black and White.

Eugene Potemkin: Anatoly Bykhovsky and Mark Dvoretsky – famous chess trainers, veterans, no, pillars of chess. I have a question for you. I’m interested in the opinion of both of you! And the question is somehow not very apt at the moment. How do you think, when can be held such a match between the chess players of classic control in FischerChess? 
Mark Dvoretsky: What?
Anatoly Bykhovsky: Fischer, Fischer chess.

Eugene Potemkin: In 'Random Chess'
Mark Dvoretsky:  I have no idea…
Anatoly Bykhovsky: When a sponsor decides, then it will be held.

Eugene Potemkin: But still, if there is a feeling, that it would be desirable or absolutely undesirable? Trivial question?
Mark Dvoretsky: Well, there is such a variety – those who want, play it – well and good, let them play. If there will appear someone, who will give a lot of money, he can gather people and name it “World Chess Title FischerRandom Match”. It could consist of 10 people no more. Maybe, two ... or maybe a dozen, but but it changes nothing… 

Eugene Potemkin: So, it doesn’t shatter classical chess and can't rival that?
Mark Dvoretsky: No, I suppose not. Most probably not.
Anatoly Bykhovsky: Well, 'Shwedka' (Russian naming for Bughouse) is played by four….
Mark Dvoretsky: To say seriously, I have considered this question in my article. I had a big article which was published here and abroad in which I commented on harmful influence of domestic preparation (openings preparation) on modern chess… and commented on different variants of this problem solution and, it’s clear, that Fischer Chess is one of the attempts at solution…

Eugene Potemkin: Whom do you support?
Mark Dvoretsky:  Why do I have to support someone? They are both wonderful guys….
Eugene Potemkin: Anatoli Avramovich (using Avramovich instead of Byhovski to be more informal and respectful) and what about you? 
Anatoly Bykhovsky: Gelfand, of course.
Eugene Potemkin: Well! At last someone confessed….!
Mark Dvoretsky:  I know him since childhood, we lived together, Of course, why should I play the hypocrite?

Eugene Potemkin:  Thank you very much!

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The World Chess Championship 2012 resumes on Thursday in Moscow and you can watch the Anand, Gelfand Game 5 live at the official website.



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