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Monday, May 14, 2012

WCCh 2012 - What Fischer Would have Said!

World Chess Championship Live at Official Website.
Searching for Bobby Fischer - Indeed we are. What would have Bobby Fischer said about the ongoing World Chess Championship 2012 between chess stalwarts Vishy Anand and Boris Gelfand? This is just for fun. We agree with some comments, we don't with others...but, we love the 11th World Chess Champion -- and always will -- just like everyone else.) Read on to check all the five possible Fischer 'quotes'!
  1. Why is Moscow the venue, why is it not Reykjavik? 
  2. Computer training of modern grandmasters is still 15 years behind my strength.
  3. By test it is best (on 1.e4)... why are they playing all this? But then I think it's almost definite that the game is a draw theoretically. 
  4. No online broadcasts, no press conferences, no photographs, no journalists, no Houdini or any chess engines, no audience... Maybe, Anand and Gelfand have fixed it between them. 
  5. Yes, I will be there for the next FischerRandom World Chess Title Match



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