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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mayor's Chess Cup: Belarus GM Aleksej Aleksandrov Defends Title Successfully

Aleksej Aleksandrov
Belarus Grandmaster Aleksej Aleksandrov successfully defended his title by winning the Mumbai Mayor's Cup on Friday. LIC of India co-sponsored the event organised by the Venus Chess Academy. Aleksandrov beat Mark Paragua of Philippines in the last round to finish the tournament with 9.5 points and retain his title along with a prize money of about $6000.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Kasparov Clarifies Remarks About Fide Presidency Candidature

Legendary 13th World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov has written tweeted and posted on his Facebook page a clarification to the recent interview given to to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that he is firmly committed to push FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov out of office. (The interview was given to Stefan Löffler in Moscow on the sidelines of the Anand-Gelfand World Chess Championship, 2012. (You can read the previous post on the comment Breaking Chess News: Kasparov Likely to run for Fide Presidency 2014)

Meanwhile, Kasparov has said, "To clarify the recent news reports, it is true that I think it is essential to do whatever is necessary to remove Kirsan Ilyumzhinov from the International Chess Federation (FIDE). And if that means running for FIDE president myself in 2014, it is possible but not the real priority. What is Important is taking FIDE and Chess back from Ilyumzhinov, who brings disgrace after disgrace to the sport by meeting with murderous dictators while ignoring the opportunities to bring chess INTO education systems around the world. I will post a long article on my thoughts about the future of chess and FIDE after this weekend's 10th anniversary event for the Kasparov Chess Foundation in Bryant Park in New York City. It is from 10am to 2pm on June 16 with a kids' tournament and more. If you can attend I will see you there!" Kasparov also tweeted similarly.

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World Chess Fed: Karpov Says Major Leadership Changes Required

Media Blitz, Corporate Strategy to Make Chess Super-Popular!

Andrew Paulson - Chess Vision
Leading design agency Pentagram has been hired to rebrand the World Chess Championships, after the World Chess Federation (FIDE) accorded the commercial rights to the sport to technology entrepreneur Andrew Paulson.

Mr Paulson struck the deal with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, president of FIDE, to host the championships and provide long-term commercial structure for the game, with an increased prize fund of 5.4 million euros, according to a latest press release.

Tal Chess Round 6: Morozevich-Nakamura Game 0-1

Morozevich: Attack Lost
The 7th Tal Chess Memorial in Moscow has some of the strongest chess players in attendance. The round robin event, is taking place from June 8-18 at the Pashkov House. On Thursday, in Round 6, leader Alexander Morozevich lost his first game of the event to Hikaru Nakamura, the current US Chess Champion. However, Morozevich continues to maintain the lead in the tournament along with Vladimir Kramnik who scored a win over Evgeny Tomashevsky to catch up. You can check the Morozevich-Nakamura game in our Chess King applet in the expanded post.

Tal Chess Memorial Round 6: Kramnik Catches up With Morozevich for Joint Lead

Hikaru Nakamura
US Chess Champion 2012
Photo: Eteri Kublashvili
Former world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik caught up with leader Alexander Morozevich at the 7th Mikhail Tal Chess memorial in the sixth round with a second victory back-to-back. Hikaru Nakamura beat Alexander Morozevich as the latter got into time trouble. Kramnik beat Evgeny Tomashevsky. Meanwhile, Fabiano Caruana also beat Luke McShane. The other two games were drawn: Carlsen - Aronian and Grischuk - Radjabov.

Results of Round 6
1. Caruana - McShane 1-0
2. Kramnik - Tomashevsky 1-0
3. Morozevich - Nakamura 0-1
4. Carlsen - Aronian draw
5. Grischuk - Radjabov draw

Standings after Round 6
1-2. Kramnik, Morozevich - 4
3-5. Carlsen, Caruana, Radjabov - 3.5
6. Nakamura 3
7-8. Aronian, Grischuk - 2.5
9. McShane - 2
10.Tomashevsky - 1.5

Friday is a rest day at the Tal Chess Memorial

World Chess Fed: Karpov Says Major Leadership Changes Required

Former World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov has beaten GM Yasser Seirawan in an exhibition chess match in Saint Louis. The match concluded with Karpov winning 8-6 (1-1 classical, 1-1 rapid, 6-4 blitz-Karpov). 

A live press conference broadcast around the world was held after the chess match. During the press conference, Macauley Petersen relayed a question posted by Daaim Shabazz of The Chess Drum - the most definite chess website/blog on Black chess community (12:50 in video). Karpov was asked whether he had any additional political ambitions in FIDE after having lost the 2010 elections. Karpov said FIDE was “wrongly led” and suggested that the current leadership be removed. 

Bazna Kings Chess Postponed in Romania Due to Financial Crunch, Political Instability

A statement on the official website of the Bazna Kings Chess Tournament reads: Kings Tournament 6th Edition - Medias, Romania elo average 2767 "We are very sorry to announce that the 6th edition of the Kings Tournament is postponed. The global financial crisis and the instable political situation in Romania made it impossible to start the tournament on the initially announced dates."


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