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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tal Chess Memorial Round 7: Both Overnight Leaders Morozevich, Kramnik Lose

The seventh round at the 7th Tal Memorial saw two upsets - both the joint overnight leaders losing their games! Not only did Alexander Morozevich lost his second game in a row to last seed Evgeny Tomashevsky, but joint leader and former world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik lost to Luke McShane as well. This allowed five players now in joint lead.
The pawns must be fed on tea or coffee regularly

So, that's the strategy...

Must be careful about strategy stealers

For Heaven's Sake Don't Move the Queen

1. Radjabov - Caruana draw
2. Aronian - Grischuk draw
3. Nakamura - Carlsen draw
4. Tomashevsky - Morozevich 1-0
5. McShane - Kramnik 1-0

Standings:1-5. Morozevich, Carlsen, Radjabov, Kramnik, Caruana - 4
6. Nakamura - 3.5
7-9. Grischuk, Aronian, McShane - 3
10. Tomashevsky - 2,5

The Tal Chess Memorial is being held at the Pashkov House in Moscow with 10 of the world's top players from June 8-18. You can watch the games live at the official website from India time 7.30 pm. Rest days were June 11 and 15. The time control is 100 minutes for the first 40 moves, 50 minutes for the next 20 moves, and 15 minutes for the rest of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move one. Draw offers are not allowed until after the first time control. The prize fund is 100,000 euros. 
 (Photos by Eteri Kublashvili official website of the Russian Chess Federation.)

Kazan Chess Round 6: Armenia's Elina Danielian Maintains Sole Lead With Win Over Nadezhda Kosintseva

Armenia's Elina Danielian is on a roll at the Women's Chess Grand Prix Series 2011-2012 in Kazan. Scoring back to back victories, she maintains her sole lead after six rounds. Anna Muzychuk, who had caught up with Danielian in joint lead, could only score a draw in the sixth round against a very determined former women's world chess champion Alexandra Kosteniuk. The tense game could only end in a draw.
Tatiana Kosintseva - Elina Danielian 0-1 

Antoaneta Stefanova-Hou Yifan 0-1

Meanwhile, Katerina Lahno playing with Black tried her best to gain advantage of Alisa Galliamova's badly placed Knight and scored the win with the latter coming under time pressure. Tatiana Kosintseva scored the first win for herself by beating Betul Yildiz. Yildiz's only win in the tournament has actually come against top seed women's world chess champion Hou Yifan. The Turkish player underestimated Black’s Queenside attack.

In the other games, women's world chess champion China's Hou Yifan obtained a better middlegame position against former women's world chess champion Bulgaria's Antoaneta Stefanova. Yifan then went on to implement a decisive attack and win. Another tense game, Koneru-Cmilte, finished in a draw.

After six rounds of play, Elina Danielian leads with 4.5 points. Katerina Lahno and Anna Muzychuk share the second place with half a point behind. Hampy Koneru and Viktorija Cmilyte are sharing 4th – 5th places with 3.5 points, followed by Nadezhda Kosintseva and Hou Yifan who are placed 6-7 with 3 points each. Alexandra Kosteniuk, Tatiana Kosintseva and Antoaneta Stefanova are at 8 – 10 spots with 2.5 points. Alisa Galliamova is currently eleventh with 2 points, followed by Betul Yildiz with 1 point. 

You can watch the Kazan chess games live at the official website from India time 4.30 pm. (Photos by Rashit Shiriyazdanov and Anastasiya Karlovich/Kazan Women's Chess Grand Prix official website.)

Kasparov for a Powerful New Image to Chess Minus Kirsan

Garry Kasparov Updates from Mosow, Franfurt and New York: The Frankfurter Allgemeine story about legendary 13th World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov´s commitment to ousting FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov from in the 2014 elections is now online at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sports Section. The interview was conducted by Stefan Loffler in Moscow on the sidelines of the recently-concluded 2012 Anand-Gelfand World Chess Championship Match. 

Kasparov´s emphasis is on replacing the current FIDE
President. His own candidacy is quite possible but far from a
certainty. The day the interview was published (June 14) in the print edition of FAZ, FIDE announced another meeting of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov with members of the Syrian regime.

Kasparov is quoted in the interview as saying, Ilyumzhinov has damaged the image of chess because the moment you google Fide, all you come up with is Assad, Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein so no international sponsor would like to connect with Fide. 

Kasparov has reiterated that the Sports Page is not enough and Chess needs a powerful new image for its educational value. 

Also Read on B&W:

Kasparov with Michael Khodarkovsky, president of the Kasparov Chess Foundation. (Mig Greengard)
Meanwhile, on June 16, the Garry Kasparov Foundation celebrated their 10th anniversary in New York. There is a detailed report in The Daily Beast. Kasparov spoke about the political regime in Russia and its excesses, chess in schools, Fide president and links with dictators, etc. A detailed article that's a must read.

For the occasion, Kasparov was honored with a cake, and students from all over the area gathered for a “friendly tournament.” Michael Khodarkovsky, the director of the foundation and a longtime friend of Kasparov from their days on the chess circuit in the Soviet Union, explained that all the kids would be getting a medal for just participating.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

No Retirement, Out to Win More: Vishy Anand

World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand has said he has no plans to retire, but is motivated to win more chess tournaments. Fifth-time World Chess Champion was speaking at a felicitation function organised by sponsors NIIT, in Chennai, on Sunday

Anand said his morale was on a high after defeating a "complicated" opponent like Boris Gelfand in Moscow recently. "There are definitely no thoughts of retirement. In fact quite the opposite. (Winning a fifth world title) has been a huge boost to my morale. As long as I enjoy, I don't see any reason to retire."

124-Move Chess Game at a World Chess Championship 1978 - Of Korchnoi-Karpov Missed Checkmate and Stalemate

The Anatoly Karpov-Viktor Korchnoi World Chess Championship 1978 began with four draws. The fifth game was drawn as well, but not without 124 moves - the longest in the world chess championship match history - and spills, chills and thrills aplenty.

Korchnoi-Karpov, World Chess Championship, 1978
Korchnoi began the game with clear attacking signals going for the kill from the word go. By the 42 move, it was almost clear that Karpov was going to lose this. The game was adjourned and Karpov sealed his move.

Korchnoi played 42. Rh1 Can you guess the
move Anatoly Karpov sealed for the adjourned game? The main threat is 43.Bh4 and Black must also protect the f pawn.
Remember this is a time before those chip-powered things made chess so machine-like! Karpov sealed not the best move. He had sealed an unexpected move and Korchnoi went for the mating attack after accepting a sacrifice. Karpov led his King on a long-escape for life across the board. Korchnoi went on to miss a checkmate on the 55th move in extreme time trouble and diluted to an endgame with a piece up. 

Korchnoi played here 55.Be4. Can you see
what Korchnoi could have played here for the
checkmate combination and changed world chess history?
However, what ensued is the an unforgettable endgame in chess history. 

The 1978 World Chess Championship was played in Baguio City, Philippines from July 18-October 18, 1978 with Anatoly Karpov winning in the end. The match had controversies both on and off the board. There were the hypnotist and the blueberry yogurt, but all that's another story. 

For now, check out the full game in our Chess King applet.

Kazan Chess Round 5: Muzychuk, Danielian in Lead; Humpy Right Behind

The fifth day at the Kazan Chess Grand Prix for Women saw two decisive games right after the free day. Armenia's Elina Danielian held on to her lead with a draw against Viktorija Cmilyte. However, Anna Muzychuk defeated Betul Yildiz to join Elina Danielian in the lead. Katerina Lahno also beat Alexandra Kosteniuk to move up the table. Antoaneta Stefanova and Tatiana Kosintseva missed important wins against Alisa Galliamova and Humpy Koneru. Nadezhda Kosinsteva also drew with Hou Yifan. However, the field is still wide open and there are four players just half or a point behind. Anything could happen in the last few rounds at this exciting women's chess event.
Anna Muzchuk on her way to joining the lead

Round 5 standings: 
1-2. Elina Danielian and Anna Muzychuk 3.5 
3-6. Katerina Lahno, Viktorija Cmilyte, Nadezhda Kosintseva, Humpy Koneru 3
7. Antoaneta Stefanova 2.5 points
8-10. Alexandra Kosteniuk, Hou Yifan, Alisa Galliamova 2
11. Tatiana Kosintseva 1.5
12. Betul Yildiz

Don't forget to watch the sixth round live today India time at the official website: There is a live feed of both the chess games and the playing hall.

Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, is hosting the FIDE Women's Grand Prix from 
From June 9 to 23, 2012. This event is part of the series of elite events organised by FIDE and Global Chess. There will be six chess grand prix events over two years in various countries around the world. The winner of each tournament wins 6,500 euros from a total prize fund of 40,000 euros. The overall winner also wins an extra 15,000 euros at the end of the series. 

Creative Chess Wall Art with Apo Avedissian

Apo Avedissian painting and stenciling his original work 'Headshot Checkmate' on an 8x10 in. canvas and 'Queen Checkmate' graffiti on a 17 ft. wall in a private property near Los Angeles, CA. (First seen via - the #1 Chess Blog in the US by 12th World Chess Champion GM Alexandra Kosteniuk.)

Saturday Chess Puzzle Level Difficult (Correct Solution Updated)

Saturday chess puzzle with level difficult is here. White to play and checkmate in two. 


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