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Saturday, September 14, 2013

ACP Rapid Chess Riga Day 1: Three Easy Knockout Punches to Enjoy

There was exciting chess on the first day of the ACP Rapid Chess Cup in the art gallery of Rietumu Bank in Riga. The live commentary was followed by local chess fans and thousands of spectators online at the official website.

Here are the results:
Grischuk - Fressinet : 3:1 (on the blitz tie-break)
Mamedyarov-Kovalenko: 1.5:0.5
Nepomniachtchi - Moiseenko: 1.5:0.5
Svidler - Jakovenko : 1.5:0.5
Radjabov - Shirov : 1.5:0.5
Malakhov - Eljanov : 1.5:0.5
Ponomariov - Morozevich: 1.5:0.5
Wojtaszek - Ivanchuk : 1.5:0.5

Photos: Lennart Ootes

Saturday pairings for the 1/4 final:
Click to WATCH LIVE India 4.30 pm

Grishuk - Wojtaszek (at 14:00 Riga time = 13:00 CET)
Mamedyarov - Ponomariov (18:00 Riga time = 17:00 CET)
Nepomniachtchi - Malakhov (18:00 Riga time = 17:00 CET)
Svidler- Radjabov (14:00 Riga time = 13:00 CET)

*India is 2 1/2 hours ahead of Riga

Here are three knockout punches to enjoy from Day 1 at the ACP Rapid Chess Cup

Svidler - Jakovenko 1-0
Black just played 53... Rf5. Why is that a blunder?

Ivanchuk - Wojtaszek 0-1
Black just attacked the White Rook on e1 with Bc3. White saved the Rook to e2. Was that correct?

Kovalenko - Mamedyarov 0-1
White has resigned in a well-known position. Do you know how to win from here?

A: 1.Ke4+ Ke6 forced protecting Rook 2.Rd6 winning
B: Even though White is in a squeeze, Re2 loses immediately as the Knight on d3 goes. Better would have been Rd1. The game progressed 1.Re2 f5 2.Bf3 Qxd3
C: You don't even need to struggle with the Lucena position in this as Black just needs to keep the White King cut off and take the King down to the support of the g-pawn and roll it down to Queen.

Yes, it's all about the basics! You can do it too with your chess!
- Zainab Raza Undulusi



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