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Monday, April 15, 2024

Fide Anthem Writer's Great Grandson wants to Design Chess Trophies

This artist-guitarist has his choices clear: On a carefree evening, he'd rather grab a game of chess than a cup off coffee! However, creative Frenchman Arnaud Berman loves old objects and finds coffee grinders "very pretty and elegant." So, he turns them into chess sets!

Arnaud, as an artist, has focused on creating art works and sculptures, mainly in low relief, with chess as the theme, for more than five years now. His sculptures, particularly in bronze, stand out with a mystical depth and would surely make much-coveted trophies in the chess world! That's what he wants to do next. 

Marcel Berman
Arnaud's love for chess has a genesis. He is the great grandson of Marcel Berman, president of the French Chess Federation 1955-1958. Marcel Berman went on to become vice-president of Fide and also wrote the lyrics of the Fide anthem! 

Arnaud has taken forward the creativity of his ancestor. He says, "I am reaching out to Fide to use my designs for trophies and awards especially in this year of the Century of Fide. I am also looking forward to having my work exhibited across the world in museums and shows. 

That's not all. Arnaud has travelled quite a bit including to India. His polaroids are a treat. He says, "I love India and all my travels there were important in my life. I am an analog photographer and made pictures in Benares and Gokarna mainly."

You can see some photographs of India on his website:

Instagram @the.chess.artist

Facebook: Arnaud Berman

Arnaud lives in the countryside in Normandy, near the forest and the sea. There are some chess clubs in the cities nearby. "I am not so far from Rouen, where my great grand father was living. That's where the famous chess club is."

There's more to Arnaud — he's the lead guitarist of a funk band called BIMP. He laughs, "I'm into groovy instrumental music. I like to compose stuff. You can say music that sounds a bit like soundtracks of detectives series from the 70's."

Where does all this creative inspiration come from? The Frenchman has a ready answer: "I get my inspiration by keeping space for it. I believe everyone has art inside. I decided to invest in that potential,to be available for its development in me, to let it grow. It made my finance unsure, my inner peace very strong."

Three cheers for Arnaud Berman and hopefully your next trophy will be a Berman Design!

Naveen Karthikeyan

Guess who? 

Arnaud Berman presenting one of his art world to Super Grandmaster & Candidate 2024 Alireza Firousja.
All photos (c) Arnaud Berman



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