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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kasparov Muscat Chess Simul Puzzle!

Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov has just wrapped off a cool chess visit to Muscat, Oman. The Times of Oman reports, in an interview, 50-year-old Russian chess great said winning the world chess title was the best moment in his life!

Garry Kasparov making a move against one of the 20 hand-picked players of Oman during an exhibition battle. Kasparov moved around to play against the 20 players at the same time. Photo – JUN ESTRADA / Times of Oman

Here are some quotes that Garry Kasparov gave to Oman journalists, plus a video.

- "I think luck played only a minor role. It was pure hard work and patience that helped me win the championship. I think I played a better game than my opponent and when you play a good match, you deserve to win, don't you?"
"Winning the world championship was the best moment in my life. I don't think there was any world champion who won because he was lucky. The world championship title had been in contest since 124 years and we have only six world champions. So that makes the game extra special.
- On the simul he played in Muscat with 20 selected players: "They have great skills but they need to have more knowledge about the game. A proper League will benefit these players to attain international rating and for that, they need to have a federation. I am sure they will soon have one.
- Tips to young chess players: Practice makes you perfect. You need to regularly practice the game to hone your skills. The rest will fall in place automatically.  

The simul was hosted by International Chess Academy of Oman. IM Karim Ismael of the Academy said, Kasparov normally completes such exhibition matches in not more than two hours but I think this was one with the longest duration.

Garry Kasparov's official website has this very interesting chess update from Oman

Garry went 19-0 in his simultaneous exhibition in Oman on January 3, 2014. A beautiful line from one game caught his mind’s eye, but unfortunately his young opponent chose to lose in a relatively uneventful way!

In the diagram, White to play and win...

For a full analysis of the actual game and the beautiful move that chess great Garry Kasparov hoped he would get to play, read the post at the the former World Chess Champion's official website.



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