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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kazan Chess Final Report: Humpy, Muzychuk Joint Winners; Hou-Cmilyte 0-1 Best Game

India's Koneru Humpy and Slovenia's Anna Muzychuk were declared joint winners of the fourth stage of the FIDE Women's Grand Prix on June 22, 2012. After 11 rounds, both Humpy and Muzychuk had 7.5 points. Grand Prix regulations require sharing of prize money, title and Grand Prix points in case of a tie. 
The winners: Anna Muzychuk (left) and Koneru Humpy with Fide president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.
India's most talented woman chess 
player Koneru Humpy with dad and trainer Koneru Ashok.
(Photos: Rashit Shiriyazdanov and Anastasiya Karlovich/Fide official website)

Three players were sharing the lead before the last round - Viktorija Cmilyte, Anna Muzychuk and Humoy Koneru. In the final round Humpy Koneru sacrificed a piece and beat Alisa Galliamova with black pieces. Anna Muzychuk capitalised on a mistake by Nadezhda Kosintseva to win. Viktorija Cmilyte settled for a draw with Antoaneta Stefanova. Reigning Women's World Chess Champion Hou Yifan (China) and Lithuanian Viktorija Cmilyte concluded the tournament with 7 points each. In her last game in Kazan, Hou Yifan beat Elina Danielian who had been leading for most of the tournament, but ended up losing her last three games. Elina Danelian from Armenia and Russian Alexandra Kosteniuk collected 6 points each to share 5th – 6th positions. Kosteniuk beat Betul Yildiz in the last round. Russian Tatiana Kosintseva beat Ukrainian Kateryna Lahno and finished seventh with 5.5 points. Lahno consequently ranked one spot lower half a point behind.

Nadezhda Kosintseva and Bulgarian Antoaneta Stefanova finished at the joint 9th – 10th places with 4.5 points, Russian Alisa Galliamova was next with 3 points, followed by Betul Yildiz from Turkey with 2.5 points.

The closing ceremony took place in the Korston Hotel and was attended by FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, Minister on Affairs of Youth, Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan Rafis Burganov, players, officials and spectators. The winners Anna Muzychuk and Humpy Koneru were awarded wooden chess pieces and all the participants of FIDE Grand Prix in Kazan were felicitated with flowers and presents. 

Viktorija Cmilyte received a special prize devoted to 100 years anniversary since the birthday of Rashit Nezmetdinov. Her victory against World Champion Hou Yifan was chosen by the organizing committee as the best game.
At the closing ceremony FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov made a surprise gift for the Chess Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan - the entire set of electronic boards that the participants had played on!

Best chess game award at the Kazan Chess Grand Prix went to Viktorija Cmilyte. It was a special prize on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of Rashit Nezmetdinov. The organising committee chose her game against Women's World Chess Champion Hou Yifan as the best game of the event. You can read:
Tal Chess Round 4: Viktorija Cmilyte Explains Win Over Hou Yifan

Friday, June 22, 2012

Kazan Chess Grand Prix: Koneru Humpy, Anna Muzychuk Declared Joint Winners (Updated)

Kazan Chess Grand
Prix Winner - India's Koneru Humpy
India's Koneru Humpy has just won the Kazan Chess Grand Prix for women on Friday with a steady and strong performance in the Republic of Tatarstan. Though, she had a better tiebreak, Humpy was declared joint winner along with Anna Muzychuk as tiebreaks are not to be counted in the Grand Prix series. Humpy went into the last round tied for the lead with Viktorija Cmilyte and Anna Muzychuk. Humpy played Black and beat Alisa Galliamova of Russia. While Cmilyte drew with Antoaneta Stefanova, Muzychuk beat Nadezhda Kosintseva with Black. Both Humpy and Muzychuk ended Round 11 with 7.5 points, but Humpy had the better tiebreak score.

Cmilyte had to settle for the third place. Meanwhile, the reigning women's world chess champion Hou Yifan scored a total of 7 points for the fourth place and her predecessor, the 12th women's world chess champion Alexandra Kosteniuk scored 6 points to be fifth. Armenia's Elina Danielian, who had played a thoroughly powerful tournament up to the eighth round, lost both Rounds 9 and 10 to finish the tournament with 6 points as well. 

Humpy's 7.5 points came from draw with Hou Yifan, draw with Elina Danielian, draw with Anna Muzychuk, win over Betul Cemre Yildiz, draw with Tatiana Kosintseva, draw with Viktorija Cmilyte, draw with Nadezhda Kosintseva, win over Antoaneta Stefanova, win over Kateryna Lahno, draw with Alexandra Kosteniuk and win over Alisa Galliamova. She did not lose a single game in this powerful tournament that saw some of the best women chess players of the planet taking part. 

Kazan hosted the Women's Grand Prix from June 9 to 23 as part of a series of elite events organised by FIDE and Global Chess. There will be six tournaments over two years in various countries around the world. The winner of each tournament takes home 6,500 euros from a total prize fund of 40,000 euros. The overall winner will get a further 15,000 euros at the end of the series. (More updates and photos to follow from Kazan Chess Grand Prix.)

Kazan Chess Last Round Today: Humpy in Joint Lead; Poised to Win Title

The Kazan Chess Women's Grand Prix title could go to India's Koneru Humpy today. The last round is to be played today in the republic of Tatarstan and Humpy is in joint lead with Viktorija Cmilyte and Anna Muzychuk with 6.5 points each. Humpy plays Alisa Gallimaova as Black today. The other two leaders have Black as well in the final round. You can watch the last round live today India time 2.30 pm via the official website. Humpy did well to draw with former women's world chess champion Alexandra Kosteniuk in the last round. 
Anna Muzychuk and Hou Yifan play for a draw in Round 10

Koneru Humpy and Alexandra Kosteniuk
play for a draw in Round 10
Kazan is hosting the Women's Grand Prix from June 9 to 23 as part of a series of elite events organised by FIDE and Global Chess. There will be six tournaments over two years in various countries around the world. The winner of each tournament takes home 6,500 euros from a total prize fund of 40,000 euros. The overall winner will get a further 15,000 euros at the end of the series. 

Round ten results
GM Anna Muzychuk 2598 ½-½ GM Hou Yifan 2623
GM Elina Danielian 2484 0-1 IM Alisa Galliamova 2484
GM Humpy Koneru 2589 ½-½ GM Alexandra Kosteniuk 2457
WGM Betul Cemre Yildiz 2333 ½-½ GM Keteryna Lahno 2546
GM Tatiana Kosintseva 2532 ½-½ GM Antoaneta Stefanova 2518
GM Viktorija Cmilyte 2508 1-0 GM Nadezhda Kosintseva 2528
Armenia's Elina Danielian, who had been leading the tournament right up to the last rounds with a power-packed performance ended up losing two games in a row to Alexandra Kosteniuk and Alisa Galliamova. She is in second place now.

Standings after Round 10
1. GM Humpy Koneru 2589 IND 6.5
2. GM Viktorija Cmilyte 2508 LTU 6.5
3. GM Anna Muzychuk 2598 SLO 6.5
4. GM Elina Danielian 2484 ARM 6 0
5. GM Hou Yifan 2623 CHN 6
6. GM Keteryana Lahno 2546 UKR 5
7. GM Alexandra Kosteniuk 2457 RUS 5
8. GM Tatiana Kosintseva 2532 RUS 4.5
9. GM Nadezhda Kosintseva 2528 RUS 4.5
10. GM Antoaneta Stefanova 2518 BUL 4
11. IM Alisa Galliamova 2484 RUS 3
12. WGM Betul Cemre Yildiz 2333 TUR 2.5

Photos and reports by Anastasiya Karlovich and Rashit Shiriyazdanov from official Kazan Chess Website.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kazan Chess Grand Prix Round 8: Armenia's Elina Danielian in Lead; India's Humpy a Point Away

Armenia's Elina Danielian is apparently set to win the FIDE Women's Chess Grand Prix currently on in Kazan. Four games were decisive in the eighth round on Monday. In the two chess games that were drawn, Betul Yildiz and Viktorija Cmilyte missed wins against sisters Nadezhda and Tatiana Kosintseva. 

Armenia's Elina Danielian - Set to win Kazan?
Elina Danielian scored a cool win over second in the standings - Kateryna Lahno. Anna Muzychuk managed to get a good position against Alisa Galliamova and managed to win in the endgame even though Galliamova had equalized in the middlegame. Alexandra Kosteniuk lost to Hou Yifan. Humpy Koneru played very well to defeat Antoaneta Stefanova.

India's Koneru Humpy (right) on her way to beating former women's world chess champion and current women's world rapid chess champion.

After eight rounds at the Kazan Chess Grand Prix, Elina Danielian leads with 6 points. Anna Muzychuk is in second place with 5.5 points. Viktorija Cmilyte and Humpy Koneru share the third spot with 5 points. Hou Yifan and Kateryna Lahno are in shared fifth place with 4.5 points.

Kateryna Lahno watching the
Hou Yifan-Alexandra Kosteniuk match
Photos by Rashit Shiriyazdanov and Anastasiya Karlovich with kind permission of FIDE from the official website. You can watch the Kazan Women's Chess Grand Prix live at the official website from India time 4.30 pm. Tuesday is a rest day with three more rounds to be played at the Kazan Chess Grand Prix.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Kazan Chess Round 7: Armenia's Elina Danielian Holds on to Lead

Armenia's Elina Danielian has got a strong hold over the Kazan Women's Chess Grand Prix by the end of Round 7. Danielian drew with former women's world chess champion to maintain her lead. Her depth of understanding an endgame defence in a complicated situation against a former world chess champion was evident. 
Viktorija Cmilyte

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kazan Chess Round 4: Danielian in Sole Lead; Hou Loses to Cmilyte

The Kazan Chess Grand Prix Round 4 saw an upset for Women's World Chess Champion Hou Yifan as she lost to Viktorija Cmilyte. 
Viktorija Cmilyte - Hou Yifan

This is the second loss for the Chinese chess prodigy in the tournament. Meanwhile, Elina Danielian sacrificed an exchange with White and beat Tatiana Kosintseva. Humpy Koneru and Betul Yildiz were both struggling against time when Yildiz lost track and Koneru capitalised to win the point. Alisa Galliamova lost to Nadezhda Kosintseva. Two exciting games with fortunes swinging were played out for a draw by Anna Muzychuk - Katerina Lahno and Alexandra Kosteniuk – Antoaneta Stefanova. 


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